Supreme Games

Стихотворението Supreme Games можете да прочетете още и в

Изглед от манастира край Melk, Австрия


Here' s my pathetic Verse,

born by my Youth,

made by the Sadness…

It says:

“Love, I don’t want to

enter no more into

your dangerous Darkness,

no way!

You are the unwanted Void,

before one Movie’s beginning,

You are an unrealized Painting,

a fancied Village...

I don’t believe

I could someday

be strong again,

and I regret

that in the Games

of Life I play,

there are no Subtitles,

no actors’ names,

no Music mad!

There’s only Void

and one Hero to Kill.

And still,

I know: playing the main role

it’s Me… And no Director' s will,

and nobody to talk to, no trill…

It’s only Me

with my trivial Story:

learning to make Action

and afraid of Dying…

Trying to have Unhuman Reactions

before the Bungee jump or the Diving…

Trying to catch the attention of No One,

I am expressing the confusion of someone


I am solving my problems, so nobody

wants to play with me on my games...

Are they all supreme?

And all alone I' m hesitating:

Am I this Hero or am I the Public now?

Am I the Bread or am I the blunt Knife?

Am I the Cowboy or am I just the Cow?

And still I know

it's time to play

the next obsessing


in this stage-worthy Life!”



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